Terms Of Services

These are the rules between the user and Picturj. A User is a visitor of this service. Picturj is this service or the manager or operator of this service. 

1. Picturj receives permission to publish the entered data. The right to unrestricted publication and sale of uploaded pictures will be awarded to Picturj. 

2. The user bears the full responsibility of the content posted by him!

3. Prohibited is illegal content and adult content. 

4. Picturj reserves the right for marketing and advertising.

5. The membership could be dissolved at any time by both sides - without giving any reason.

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Sonne im Blätterdach Schützenfest Montag 2013 in Attendorn der Festzug Möwe vorm Kai Ostern in Attendorn Ostern in Attendorn Tanz in den Mai 2014 Eisenbahnkartei Druckereidatei (3) flower Schützenfest Montag 2013 in Attendorn der Festzug